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I just realised I have some of that type of sociological or whatever opinions that people are so fond of discussing. I thought my opinions were sort of the obvious ones that I don't need to tell anyone because it's so obvious, but apparently not.
So, the whole "born this way" thing, suddenly lgbt people have taken to using it rather a lot, as a general statement of pride instead of purely as a counterargument.
I am firmly of the opinion it is the wrong argument to be having.
People do realise we've been arguing this point literally at least for a hundred years? Do the simplest ideas always take this long? Are we really that slow?
As far as I can tell a hundred years ago the argument was that it's not their fault they're gay, they're not committing that crime on purpose, they just cannot help it and ought to be pitied.
That may have been a relatively sympathetic view a hundred years ago, but why are we still having the same discussion? We shouldn't be telling people that people regrettably just can't help being gay, we ought to argue that it doesn't matter the slightest why because people ought to be able to do whatever they want for any reason at all. I don't want to discuss some "gay gene" when I don't care whether it's genes or god or the flying spaghetti monster or just deciding you want to make out with a dude right now, they point isn't why the point is it doesn't matter why.
I think it isn't a good idea for queers or anyone to attribute their lives to genes or god or fate. Not that I'm saying it is a choice (that would be stupid), but quit focusing on how it's not their fault; it's entirely irrelevant whose fault it is when there's nothing wrong in the first place.
Can we just get it over with, making all the stupid cishetero people stop being so very stupid, and get on with it, and maybe come up with something interesting instead of waiting for them to catch up?

Ok, rant over. How am I today?
1. Sick.
2. Sick of peoples repetitiveness.
3. Sick of lgb people, bored with the whole obsession on sex and romance, although I suspect asexual people have the same obsession with their lack thereof, so
4. Sick of people saying anything at all, especially about themselves.
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Having some sort of moral conundrum, and nobody to talk some sense into me about it right now with it being the middle of the night. About feminism, I suppose, or maybe about art and culture, really about women, or about the portrayal thereof. I am just unable to remember whether it matters or why it should matter.
So I'm reading this book, which is a very intelligent and complex and nice book overall, but like most books female characters are nothing but plot devices that illustrate or influence actual characters' development. Which I probably would have protested some time ago. Objectification and all that.
So... does it somehow negatively influence the world if I do nothing to women in my own writings except use them as archetypes? (and I'm inclined to use romantic archetypes right now, the ones from grecoroman mythology and the tragic ones having to do with suicide and consumption and drowning and such, which are all quite idealising and quite removed from reality). It probably does generally not help society move on for me to do that, but I frustratingly just can't think of why it isn't perfectly fine for society to just keep on being slightly sexist like that.


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