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...and I'm just going to skip the beginning part about "I have no time and no ideas so here's something short and irrelevant", because it seems that type of situation is status quo.
And I ought to be translating a few lines of Metamorphoses right now. Which is way better than some things, but the fact that we've been on the Daphne story for a month and a probably not going to do much else is frustrating, because I already know that story, and because people have awful opinions on it.

So anyway, Paradise Lost.

It is brilliant. It's not too difficult either, easier than Shakespeare.
This is the book where Satan is the protagonist and is supposed to be evil but comes off as quite more reasonable and sympathetic than the other side.
The parts which retells genesis and the parts about Adam and Eve being in Paradise get a bit boring after a few pages of praising, but that's just about the only flaw, and even that is sometimes very nice when the cosmology is described, the layout and composition of the universe.
The newest developments:
Raphael is telling Adam about the war between angels and fallen angels, to warn him against sinning. In this story, Satan makes some nice speeches about not serving god (interestingly, questions whether god created angels, as he claims). Abdiel doesn't like it. Then there's a war, and they are about equal in numbers. On the first day it ends when Michael battles Satan and wounds him. On the second day, Satan invents cannons. I think this is the most awesome thing the author could have put in the story to make Satan human, because that's what humanity does, think of some really impressive invention when the problem doesn't solve itself through their preexisting abilities. Of course this looks evil, and cowardly, using machinery on angels. So this works for a while, until the angels go and throw mountains at them, which isn't so good for the dark side. On the third day, god sends his son, who of course throws them into hell. The Jesus in this book is not as peaceful and loving as other portrayals. He's mostly just an extension of God, who is the old testament version who does nothing but enforce worship.
After Raphael tells Adam this story, and retells genesis, Adam tells Raphael about his first few days of existing, and about god coming there personally to discuss creating Eve with him. Nothing about Adams previous wife in this story, so I don't know where I picked up the notion that there is such a thing. Also, god is male in this story, it says Eve is less in gods image than Adam. Adam and Raphael and Eve and the narrator go on for quite a bit about how great domestick, marital love is (theyre officially husband and wife without having gotten married, but i forgot why). Which is the less interesting bit and makes me want Satan to just get around to corrupting them already.
Also, apparently angels have love to, be running their essences through each other, or something like that, and the question makes Raphael blush. Which is slightly more interesting, I am now going to read some Satan/Raphael into this, because it makes me suddenly far less inclined to hate Raphael.
Raphael leaves ( there is some nice description of the angel, which also ameliorates my desire to punch his arrogant face for having been mean to Satan somewhat).
Adam and Eve are all blissful again for far to long, than they're worried about the whole Satan thing for a bit...
Satan posesses a snake, talks to Eve, and we all know how that turns out. Since I had been of the opinion that of course one should try eating it for years, I'm not having any new opinions on this.


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