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posted by [personal profile] jay_walk at 09:01pm on 02/09/2011 under , ,
im not going to lecture people on it, I'm going to try it.

I stopped meat about 7 years ago not counting fish, 5 years ago counting fish, but have been on and off about fish the last two years, and then I've been going towards vegan and no fish the last months.

I wrote earlier (or maybe I didnt post that) that heresy is certainly something everyone should do more often, and with that I don't at all mean heresy against God because that's meaningless if it doesn't matter to you, but any heresy which feels completely wrong, improper, immoral, etc. for no logical reason (that is, it doesn't actually harm anyone).
But I couldn't think of what I could do, probably because I was thinking too much in the direction of religion, where no amount of putting up or destroying symbols actually means much to me.

So I'm going to eat meat for a week.

Then I'll think about where that came from and be vegan for three weeks just to be safe I don't decide I like it? In penitence? That's how you can tell it is a habit that's gotten too established without logical reason, when you feel you must repent after breaking it, and is afraid to lose it.
I think everyone ought to find one and break it.
So obviously, no rules about what I do after that week.

One week = now ( friday evening ) to Saturday

First observation:
when you're vegetarian for five years you just plain don't see 70% of the food there is. It only just occurred to me that I haven't a clue what other types of sandwiches besides the three I've been eating offers or what's in them or how they taste. After a while you don't consider every food available, you just gloss over it.
Related: there's tons of food I don't know about. So apparently there exists (in Germany) something called mettwurst which as far as I can tell looks and tastes just like salami, not that I'm good at knowing how salami is supposed to be.

Could do with butter.
Really I am not having much of a reaction to this, mostly because I'm writing at the same time and it tastes more of salty than of meat and does not have conspicuous texture.

Observation # 3:
it is probably really easy to eat meat and never think about it if you're in the habit anyway and you're for example watching tv at the same time.
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posted by [personal profile] sylvaine at 07:51pm on 02/09/2011
re: obsv. #3: yeah, exactly. That's exactly it.

re: find a habit to break - will have to think about that one. not starting in on meat though. sorry, it's just too gross to me.

re: obsv. #1: yeah, but same goes for people who do eat meat. they don't realise that things like soja and tofu and pastes and all sorts of interesting combinations that people invent when they, for whatever reason, don't eat animal products. so it really goes both ways.

and anyway, same goes for instance for not drinking - if you don't drink alcoholic drinks, you have no clue about all the variety out there.

Now that I think about it your observation #1 goes for ANYTHING. like, say you only listen to classical music - you'll probably have no IDEA about all the various different genres out there, and probably also consider only classical music to be 'real' music.

What you call heresy is what I call breaking your own boundaries, expanding your own horizons.

hmm. Maybe I'll do something really stupid like go partying and kiss lots of guys once I'm in uni.

... nah. If anything I'll kiss lots of girls. *facepalm* I'm not very good at this expanding my horizons thing, am I?
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posted by [personal profile] jay_walk at 07:58pm on 02/09/2011
I only call breaking boundaries heresy if you're really horrified to even think of doing it and reflexively want to repent, like ( I'm assuming) a really religious person feels at destroying their symbols or how Germans feel at the thought of swastikas or how some fictional people feel at saying voldemort. I guess taboo is the way better word actually. Not that those should all be broken of course for example putting on nazi uniforms will definitely lead to people getting hurt. But illogical personal taboos should.
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posted by [personal profile] sylvaine at 10:30pm on 03/09/2011
Hm, I can see that. The thing is, all of my personal taboos are of such nature that I see absolutely no good reason to break them. So I won't.

The other way I deal with taboos is to have a long discussion with myself about whether said taboo is logical or reasonable or not. And if it's not, it becomes no-longer-taboo in my brain.

In conclusion, I am apparently great at arguing with myself and winning.


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